Sunday, February 27, 2011


The man dies,but but his works exhist
Which were soundly and gracefully done
Those who live from hands to mouth
Are remembered in this world by none
Very few in them are in mind’s scale
Though myriad took form in the world’ long run

What is past is the basis repast
To make fruitful the onwards’ run
With great gratitude to our before
We prolong the task by them was begun
Today will guide the tomorrow’ one
Till there is earth there is sun

The time seems hard but passes by
Is too far distance is too far near
Some are imperishable in perishable world
Who the garb of goodness on soul wear
Good with evil is on struggle here
But the good pursuer with immortality adhere

That has come is before will continue
But one thing is that to be remembered
If life is there the work must be there
Not in vain the precious hour be shattered
All is glowing for the faint sights
Find out goods from labour fights    

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