Sunday, April 27, 2014

There is no short cut to success


We are living in the surrounding where every one is towards the pursuit of success. Some wants to score highest marks, some one wants to beat the rival team , some one wants to become film superstar, someone wants to become the prime minister and moreover there are many who want to become the richest person of the world.

I don’t oppose such fascination of the people. They are the stimulating energy that really makes him what he dreams. The man without dream and destination is like strayed ship in the ocean. The life is meaningless if it does not have any pre defined goal.

But thing that I want to attract the attention is that the medium that we follow in achieving our goals is very important. It is true that there is no shortcut to success. To achieve our goal and find what we are dreaming for needs hard labour, strong will power and undying spirit to achieve the target. The method of shortening the line of the neighbor is unfair and not works ever rather to draw a long line by own genuine efforts.

If recount the most successful figures of not only of the country  but of the world like Martine Luther, Abraham Lincon, Barak Obama, Dr. Ambedkar, Amitabh Bacchan we shall find the truth behind there success.

The scientist like Addison experiments thousands time to invent bulb and fails but remained persistent in his effort and lastly got huge success. The god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar had sweat in the hot sun to prove himself worthy for India’s most coveted honour of Bharat Ratna.

Success comes after long trial , experimentation and failures. What we need is to remain adamant and fixed on our goals and objectives. Then the success will kiss your feet.


India of my Dream


I am Indian and I love my country very much. I want to see my country to be counted in the prosperous and beautiful countries of the world. I want that my country must be in the cadre of developed countries where there is no poverty, corruption, communal tensions, social and economical imparity, injustice, crimes and many more.

The government will try to alleviate poverty and increase the rate of literacy in every walk of life. there will be ample space creating job opportunities to utilize the youth power of the nation. As the youth population covers almost 75 percent of total population of the country.

Along with the government sector opportunities private sector will also be promoted where there will be copious chances to bring the nation on the developed fore and engaging the huge man power that rubbishes into nothing as government sector does not have the capacity alone to do this all. Wherever necessary the government and private sector will cooperate and coordinate each other with motive to develop the country and bring all possible smiles on the faces of the countrymen.

The various functionaries will be established to ensure social and economical imparities. The slogan of equality, liberty and fraternity will become a reality. Every citizen will be treated equal in front of the laws and will have the right to dwell and earn any where in the country and will be able to live in the fearless, free and secure social surrounding.

There will also be the strict governance to vigil all sorts of communal issues. The majority will not be allowed to harm any way to the minorities. And there will not be promotion of religious feeling by the government rather every individual will have the freedom to choose the faith and language according to his own choice. Any group forcing such feeling to other group will be punishable by law.

I want a country where there is no jealousy to each other of any sort. I want that one person should respect the another’s individual existence.

And as human being one should extend all possible support to other in the need. There should be proper balance between man and his surrounding including nature. There should be symphony in man, animal, plants and all natural phenomenon.

The Strange Encounter

The day I visited Nagaland , one of the most neglected states of the country was really a never forgettable event of my life when I had a strange encounter with someone whom others of human race had never seen. After two days hectic and perspiring journey we decided to see the Nagalands’s most famous forest named ‘Aholi’which is known for the variety of natural plants, rivers, ponds and numerous animal species. The thing that still hovers in my mind is the sudden encountering with a creature having half animal and half man body. We all got panic stricken seeing the never before. The half head was of horse and remaining lower portion of the body was of man.

It was hardly at a distance of hundred feet and glaring on us. We were frightened but could not move from the place. Later the creature started moving towards us that increased our terror and uneasiness. No one knew what was going to happen. We shuddered into high heart beat with wetting sweat. We had no other option than to stay , wait and watch. We prayed to our gods with folded hands and closed eyes.

But the creature in front of us did not react aggressively or frantically. It was to the great surprise and shock to us. It stopped and spoke miraculously in the language which we knew. Our mouths were wide open with what was going on before us. Though the creature welcomed us in the forest and persisted to accompany it into beautiful new things of the forest , but no one seemed ready to respond what the creature said. As we all still were not in the position to believe what was going on. Was it real or mere fantasy. The creature then seemed to show more intuitiveness by guessing our misery. It talked in more friendly and familiar tone. And changed it form into compete human shape. After the long hide and seek process we started communicating. The creature explained that it was the spirit of the jungle and had the capability to assume any shape at any time and also was capable to speak the language of the next person. The creature motivated the tourists to see the beauty of the nature in the extensive and pervading forest and punished those who harm the plants and animals.

After that it transformed into horse total seven in number as we were total seven in our group and led us to the most charming and never before seen beautiful places of the forest. During our return we named the creature as ‘HUMELIA’

Our trip to Nagaland was full of excitement and pleasure and surprise. And the encounter with Humelia was unforgettable and  amazing experience to all of us.