Sunday, February 27, 2011


O saints! with pious view to live
Strived hard and made incessant labour
To brighten the soul rescuing from the vile
For bringing happy rains with drizzling shower

So many thou were with single goal
For mending humanity of all its insects
Like cruelty. hatred, and venomous role
Tearing human soul sect of sects.

Though did what tough could do
With enlightened soul of divine zest
No doubt proper impact did you bestow
Upon the vast and moving dwellers of nest.

Though arose in the utmost darkness
Which seized every mind in the world
Where utter enmity even one to oneness
Even coal violently claims to be gold.

Neither you nor I could do except
To instill a moment’s relief of pains
How can ever light’s value be set
Where the dense of darkness not remains.

My compliments for your priceless devotion
Who laying aside all pleasure and delight
To make mortals of divine revelation
Pushed back vile and set us aright.

You did we do and some will do
Is it ever to have a happy end?
Pains and gains to each other will subdue
In the long run which is never to spend.

For a moment when we all brood
In the mirror of reasonable skill
Until man awares himself of manhood
Groans and shrieks shall be on top of hill.

It is on all not one alone
To carry the vehicle of these precepts
For living gladfully and not atone
He surely loses who ever gets

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