Friday, February 11, 2011

The Agony of Life

The man is under constant inflow of painful waves which pinch the mind and soul right from the birth. Inspite of it he endeavours alot to soften the distresses and travails but how much success he gets, almost nothing as the man is made to suffer under tight claws of time. Sometimes he frustrates for loss of beloved things or sometimes not to obtain the expected desires. The process continues althrough the life span of individual. From the advent of human race upon the earth the man has experienced it.Though a man may boast for the outstanding and extra-ordinary achievement in the long run of life but the real blackspot of human development is that he could not recoup the human loss of losing himself.
No doubt, today we are on the unprecedented stage of human development and the man has transcended and superceded all the previous reccords of advancement in every ambit of human life . Now he has earned the title of machineman, technicalman, roboticman, ans so others, but amid the same he has lost the human values which has been carried on from one generation to another. He has suffered the loss of human relationship. Though there are for namesake but the very tenderness and softness is lost somewhere in unknown land. Even in his own family he finds himself strange .
So this actual picture prevails in every section of society wherever a man lives. He runs after the perfection but does he get, absolutely no as the to adjust with losses has become his nature. where his competence retrogades he leaves on lot or time and tries his best to integrate with it.

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