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Important Questions set of class X TERM-II

The Frog and the Nightingale
1.       Why the animal near the Bingle Bog had a tough life?
2.       Why had the frog his monopoly over the Bog?
3.       How could the frog befool and exploit the innocent nightingale?
4.       Why did the song of the nightingale make the environment of the Bog ecstatic and pleasant?
5.       To be sweet and innocent is good but to be diplomatic and far-sighted is better. Why?
6.       How did the sweet nightingale’s life come to a pathetic end?
7.       ‘Without me you will be mere beginner, with me you will be a winner.’ Who states this and why?
8.       To what extent was the nightingale responsible of own tragic end?
9.       Vikram Seth has given the vast delineation of sound word in the poem. How?
10.   The poet projects the dual polar of extremism of good and evil. How?
11.   Most of us avoid the flaws around than to oppose and criticize unanimously. How does this reflect in the animals near Bingle Bog towards the noisy frog?
12.   Why did the animals assemble to the Bog from far places?
13.   How did the frog misguide and exploit the innocent nightingale?
14.   The evil increases because we tolerate. How is this idea applied in the poem? Or the increase of evil is the outcome of our apathetic attitude to tolerate and avoid the abuses. How?
15.   What message does the poem ‘The Frog and the Nightingale’ impart to the readers?
The Mirror-
1.       Why is the mirror attributed as truthful and unbiased?
2.       Why does the mirror say that “she has turned from alluring youth into ugly old?”
3.       What do the mirror and lake symbolize and signify?
4.       How do the day and night affect the mirror?
5.       Why does the mirror seem to contemplate constantly against the wall?
6.       Why does the mirror say, ‘I am silver”?
7.       How does the mirror reflect more than the physical appearance of a person?
8.       Why is the woman compared as terrible fish in the water?
9.       Why is the woman terrorized on her own image inside of the water?
10.   ‘I am the eye of little god.’ Why does the mirror say itself as replica of god?
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1.       Why is the wedding guest compared as a three years child standing still before the ancient mariner?
2.       Why does the wedding guest beat his breast hearing the loud bassoon?
3.       How does the wedding guest undergo the travails of not attending the marriage party and the marriage activities attract him?
The wedding guest hangs between the monotony of mariner and pleasantries of marriage party. Justify.
4.       Why did their ship drive southward?
5.       How was their ship entangled between ice, mist and fog?
6.       Why and how did they welcome Albatross?
7.       How did the Albatross become friendly to mariners?
8.       Why did the mariner kill the Albatross?
9.       Why did the killing of the bird seem auspicious to mariners?
10.   How and why did they suffer in the silent sea?
11.   Why did they fell a spirit following them from the land of fog and mists?
12.   Why did all hang the dead Albatross around the neck of the mariner?
13.   What supernatural elements are applied in the poem ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner?’
The Letter
1.       Who was Coachman Ali and why did he visit the post office daily?
2.       What hunting skill coachman Ali had and why did he forsake it?
3.       Why did his sole daughter separate from him and where did she go?
4.       How and why was Coachman Ali insulted by the postmaster?
5.       How curious like child coachman Ali used to be while calling the names at post office?
6.       Why did Coachman Ali engulf the pangs of insult silently?
7.       How did Lakshmi Das differ from the postmaster?
8.       What request did coachman Ali make to the clerk?
9.       How did the postmaster realize the pains of Coachman Ali?
10.   How was the postmaster haunted by the idea of not understanding Coachman Ali?
11.   When did the letter come from Miriam and what happened to it?
12.   Optimism and firm faith makes possible of impossible. How?
13.   Coachman Ali is true embodiment of matchless patience and perseverance. How?
14.   Why and how the coachman Ali suffered a lot after separating from his daughter?
15.   Why had the post office staff petty pleasantries after work?
16.   What vivid and lucid portrayal of early dawn is given where the only fellow Coachman Ali seemed to walk and the world seemed asleep?
The ultimate safari
1.       Why did the citizen of Mozambique migrate from the homeland?
2.       What travails and agonies did they suffer on the way to the refugee camp?
3.       How did they all slightly feel better in refugee camp than at homeland or in Kruger Park?
4.       Why did her mother not return from the shop?
5.       Why and where was the grandfather lost or left?
6.       How did the narrator describe the terrific night of tiger?
7.       Why did grandmother sell her aprons and church shoes?
8.       What difficulties they undergo during the journey to refugee camp?
9.       What relief did they get in the refugee camp?
10.   Why and where did the grandmother work while in refugee camp?
11.   Why were the grandchildren fortunate to have this grandmother?
12.   Why did grandmother not want return to homeland?
13.   What statement did she make in her interview with reporter?
14.   Why did the bandits attack their homeland?
15.   What loss did grandmother suffer in whole of the story?
16.   Why did the follow the sub-path in Kruger Park?
17.   Why did all decide to leave the homeland?
18.   Who did guide them during journey to refugee camp and why?
19.   Life in the game of loss and gain. Prove in reference to the chapter Ultimate Safari.
20.   Why is the narrator expectant to return the home land?
21.   Was the decision to leave the homeland better? Why?
22.   Why and how could they not resist the power of bandit attack than to leave the homeland?
23.   How is the grandmother not an ordinary lady?
24.   Is the title ‘Ultimate Safari’ suitable? How?
25.   Though the life and property in homeland was unsafe but during journey too it was unsafe? Why?
26.   What was the hygienic condition of the refugee camp?

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