Friday, March 11, 2011

The first real big rival before India team in world cup 2011

 The Indian team is under great criticism with its bowling line up, fielding, coordianation and confidence and the starting batting lineup. Now the Dhoni boys have to show their real worth they are trusted in. They staggered before Ireland, Canada and Bangladesh, and somehow tied against England and could score singnificant one points.
Although Dhoni has assured Media person and country people to show the reall talents of heroes against the strong opponents.
All Indian is expectant to the statement what Dhoni made and wish for the best of India team to win the match today. That will be reall tribute to the another world cup hungary Indians.
As is rightly believed that luck and effort work together to achieve the goal. So we all Indian should fold hands before almighty to grace victory for Indian team.


Man has explored and unmystyfied Nature. He seemed to supersede at many ways. He has beaten Nature at many places.
Sometimes the man finds hard to believe what he has achieved.
But the wrath of Nature to bring havoc and upside down in fraction of seconds can be observed there in Japan. Japan is considered or ranked in the most technically rich countries of the world but seems on its wits end before the indomitable Nature. Nature has manyfaceted role. It nourishes inform of priceless natural resources and destroys like Tsunami.
From this I am forced to recall the Shelley's poem 'Ode to the west wind'. In the poem the west wind functions dually as destroyer and preserver.
Tsunami in Japan has tolled life and property in a second. Along with those affected fellows their aspirations and future plans also shattered. Ironically the died before they lived.
The pride, the ego, the pretence of power of man devasted in a minute.
The children seem crying for parents, parents for parents, wives waiting husband to return, oh no , but they can not return. They have lived the given life tenure, they have completed their journey of life, they completed their act on the worldly stage.
The theory of uncertainty still prevails here, the terror of mortality mocks us all, the futility of life's plannig got realised. The abolute pessimism reigns the world.
The scream seems to hover over the world on tragedy of Japan. Human heard wrecks and bleeds for sympathy.
Let the people of Japan me mercied by Almighty.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Glory of Indian Woman Empowerment

The women are inseparable part of human life and society as well. They had been so called crushed and humiliated under the will dominace of men. From the high profile saints of ages to the modern consumerist social administration have executed plans and raised slogans. Now the resonance of this can be herard every door, street and village moreover to the parliament. Now the women have shown their worth and calibre in front of the world. They are on the path of enhancement and empowerment. Not bad at all. Really step to welcome, thing to adore. But what often strikes my mind is that how much the women society is conscious about the concession and reservations bestowed on them.
One day an event strenghtened this conviction when i glared upon the page of Sentinel Hindi daily in front of school library. The honourable daily has fantasticlly and emphatically commented over the women empowerment. The cycle richshaw being driven by a poor flimsy girl about 17 or 18 yrs old girl. Back to the cycle rickshaw was certain domestic amunities laden. The underneath line commented like 'the virtual condition of women leading so pathetic life when the world is celebration the women's empowerment day in Patna Bihar'. That was as one could have expected from media persons after twilight of anual women's empowerment day. What stunned me most was on the same page and in the same state of Bihar, but district was different, Bhagalpur where certain aristocratic modelled , well decorated sophisticatedly, half smile upon face, entertaining themselves with fun games. Upto a long times my eyeballs hung between to pictures of women but different positions. What could i thinik and what could i say. See them  and see the advocates of women's empowerment , what they opine about such luxury inflicted genteel ladies. Do they not need to empowered or do they not need to be instructed. I have no personal ill feeling for the women society and for what is being done for there betterment. For the name of women the empowerment scheme is required i disagree,  i support the measures based on real economic,social of political backwardness.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The destiny of Aruna

We had told stories of pangs and agonies of the characters coming to the tragic end. but what happened to Aruna was quite sadful in whole human history. So helpless, unattended and neglected by her ownes. The offender got limited years imprisonment and is scotfree but what to say to the very fate of her, she got the most abominable blow for fatal end.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Misery of Hindi language

Inspite of all severe efforts from individual to adminstration to revive the prestige of Hindi,nothing fruitful occured upto now.More shocking is the discontinue the Hindi relay of progams the most favoured and loved BBC HINDI SEVA.Its really another deathly blow to the very root of dear Hindi. Has Hindi lost its value? Has Hindi not the flexibiliy to change with time? Has Hindi not fulfilled the aspirations of youth of new generation? Then whats the reason behind it to abolish it from the continuity. Most outstanding feature and part is that the language which represents about 120 crores of population is under great fall out.I have personlaly experienced how our elders used to be glued to the BBC programs. There seems cospiracy not behind Hindi language but behind Indians,moreover Indianness. If Indian language is overlooked, really that will be the crushing up the the interest and values of millions of people.
I plead to the governing authority of BBC to rething and reevaluate the matter and fo justice to Hindi and its people. That will be really great job for us.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


As a true Indian, I love India to the the core of my heart and cordially wish all the best for the battle of Cricket World Cup 2011 to victory. Moreover I also pray to the super power almighty to favour the brave lions of Indian Teams so that all Indians may relish the pleasure of 1983 under Kapil Da. Most earnestly I beg other Indians to invoke the supreme power to help India in the deep struggle with the terrific team world over. As the devotion and bhakti really works alot in the pursuit of finching mercy of God.
Another important thing for the Indian team to be ballanced and moderate and strategic in its journey to victory because the path is not so even. The monsters like Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa and Srilanka are already the strongest barricades in the way.Indian team management including coach should ponder about the injuries and forms of the players.
After two matches with Bangla desh and England the stark criticism has reaped up all around about bowling and fielding side. For the victory every section of the team must be equally satisfactory and reliable and strong.
Winning against Bangladesh was no more in what way they won if we compare the victory of West Indies only on 58. And level score against England which has been roughly defeated by less experienced and less popular Ireland really puts a big question before all.
Today , the match againnst Ireland can not be underestimated as what they have performed against England.
Dhoni team should value every ball to come or go.

World cup lavishment for 120 crores people

India may celebrate the victory over Bangladesh but the way Bangladesh batted and Srisanth bolled , raised many questions because its world cup cricket. No doubt India has good batting line even to Bhajji but most often the bolling line up does not seem satisfactory, the batsmen did their formidable job but the bowlers still stamered before even Ba...