Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Precious childhood

Once a child of about six years asked me, "Why do the elders ever scold us to study only"? What I answered was just simple, "Dear , Its for your good, so that you may turn into a successful man later on." The child again asked, " Does success mean only poking into bulky books and being bitterly beaten by elders?" I got a bit struck, shivered. How does a child like him seem to be so inquisitive? But I had to do something to satisfy his eagerness. What should I say? How should I answer? Is the child is going to be unanswered? I simply said, "Success which the elders expect for is not the stuff from books and rotes but you may really become a man." Am I not a man then, an animal, the child again pinched my mind?  I hadn't satisfactory answer for the child. Some I deviated his attentions toward nearby chocolate shop and returned home. The curiousity of child hovered ever around me. Shame on me, I couldn't satisfy a child's querries.
     This is not the one and only case which occured with me. Everyday the childhood worth is crushed under threat of chiding and beating by elders all around. The elders don't have much time to think what do these child really need. They are forsaken in the care of nurse and other than the tightly busy parents. The elders only think that to grow up them and sending them to school is their only job. They forget that a child wants more than what they usually give so callled 'lavish' life.
We need to understand the psyche of the child and fulfill all the requisites physical as well mental and social. They need love and affection in early to later days than to be sent school in kiddling age.

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