Monday, February 28, 2011

The Impact of Television over Children

The man had been very inquisitive about the surrounding. The abundant natural stuffs allure his spirit and compel to cogitate of it. This led to uncountable and extraordinary discoveries and inventions. They have indeed transformed the human life easy-going and comfortable. It is the secret how the nomadic and savage life was converted into sophisticated civilized one.
Despite all this, It has increased the level devastations and havocs. The world has witnessed the consequent catastrophes throughout ages like world wars that claimed immeasurable lives and properties.
Out of these human strides, the television was quite revolutionary inventions. It shook the very root of human social livings. Now the world has become transparent wherein even the minutes or least important issues are relayed in no time. Moreover it has reshuffled the social pattern. The man residing far on the altitude of the Everest sheds tears for the flood and famine affected people of Kanyakumari.
The television also facilitates an individual to formulate the information about art, music, politics, economy, sports etc. Its rightly said that a child learns more from visual output. From the breakfast time to supper at night, there is the only thing being discussed.  
It has also brought few drawbacks along with it. It has affected almost every section of society of all age groups. The young children had been more sufferer than any of them. The television creates certain complications like-
1.       Eye sight problems
2.       Backbone problem
3.       Wastage of time on useless stuffs.
4.       Less time remains to study
So it has degenerated the health standard of young children. According to the several surveys done in this regard by multiple agencies and organization, the television maniac among children has not only victimized the young kids but their parents as well. The parents roam about the hospitals the get the beat treatment for their children in place of going to their offices.
So the famous saying seems worth mentioning here that excess of everything is bad. A child requires to stick to the tv only for short span time of devised schedules. The parents should be very vigilant toward them while sitting in front it. Thus television can be the storehouse of information if properly managed or it can devastate the man.

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