Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where are we treading fore?

Where are we treading fore?
Is there any to tell me please!
What a blind race, yeh! for nothing,
It’s either for self dream fulfillment
That’s no more found in geography
Or it’s unintended staking the own sweet abode
Into a demoniac and annihilating fire.
Or it’s strangling of our brethren’s faith
By sowing the seed of bitter enmity,
Or it’s plotting against oneself
Through unbridled avarices and greediness
Or it’s mere illusion of imperial stand
Shattering into fragments uncountable
Or it’s maniac to do or die
For transient temporal glories.
Of course there will be sins of many kinds
As a man of flesh and bones.
But a man is only the figure in the round
To look after the health and hygiene
Not only of himself but also of surround.
He needs to foster up things around
To make the living and non living sound.
It’s better to worry of one’s good
But the best is to protect the fabulous wood.
8th September 2010-09-08

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