Thursday, August 1, 2013

UP Govt on the way to mental assylum

The public representatives are elected to look after the welfare of the masses. the officers under them are guided counselled and encouraged to do the best in smooth development of the state and people. but after getting on the power they get mad and start behaving strange like autocrat and dictator. nothing more disgusting instance we will have than what up govt did to Durga Nagpal IAS. The studious..brilliant and honest officers who have accumulated the store of knowledge and proved their worth of administration are emotuinally harrassed getting suspension...on the pettiest issues without any prior heinous. her fault was that she did what was right..through full honesty...she did not lick up the very soles of corrupt leaders..what message it will give to other of the officer of the state..never un the history up state this type of hateful incident had place of enhancing the morale the officers are cruelly discouraged and forced to do what these leaders say whether wrong or right...god save up from these vultures who are so ravageous to nick out the very flesh of common people..