Sunday, February 27, 2011


What we see, in these surround,
With eye’s spiritual sight flown;
Many-faced peculiarities are, here around,
With something still, are we unknown.
Though live with us, we don’t recognize;
Heed of superpower, in ourselves to rise.

The hunger of human heart, not to hang
On alter of, shirking duty;
Suck out faintly, the pot of pang;
To hail the healing balm of beauty.
Things are good, if thought is good;
Is avail flavour, even in the bark of wood.

Yes should be motto, of mankind,
To take the threats of terrible time,
The essence of life, the spirited do find;
From putting the water, into the lime.
This is here, that is here;
Can be tasted, with holding mere.

Time is bounteous, only to the brave;
Who dealt gladly, the life’s long run;
A minute is hard to timid, who saves;
The gift of hour, to make new none;
Has wasted, and will waste away;
If not prepared, in turned time’s sway.

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