Saturday, February 5, 2011

Important Questions for class IX TERM-II

The man who knew too much
1.   Who was Private Quelch and how did he physically look?
2.   Why had the Private Quelch come in the army?
3.   Why the Private Quelch was called professor?
4.    "No, Sergeant. It's all a matter of intelligent reading." Who made this statement and why?
5.   How was the sergeant impressed by the Private Quelch?
6.   How the Private Quelch had the detail knowledge of several things?
7.   “He lectured to us in his droning, remorseless voice on every aspect of human knowledge” Why did the narrator make this statement and what aspect of Private Quelch is depicted here?
8.   Who was captain Turnbull and how did he become furious with the Professor?
9.   How did the Professor infuriate the captain Turnbull? Or Why was captain Turnbull infuriated by the Professor?
10. Why did the captain Turnbull remark,” You are the man just for the job of cook.”
11. How did the Private Quelch even masterly manage the cookhouse?
12. The man is the architect of his own destiny. Prove it in reference to the Private Quelch.
13. Why did the narrator and other colleagues avoid the sight of the Professor?
14. The Private Quelch was victim of the corrupt administration. Justify in reference to the chapter.
15. The Private Quelch got punished more than he deserved. How?
Keeping it from Harold
1.   How was Harold different from other ordinary boys?
2.   Why did Mr. and Mrs. Bramble keep the boxing profession as a secret?
3.   Why was Mr. Bramble involved in the boxing/ wrestling profession?
4.   Who was Major Percy Stokes?
5.   What was the future plan of Bramble family?
6.   What type of man Mr. Bramble was apart from his boxing profession?
7.   How did Mr. Bramble not want to postpone the last fight?
8.   Why did Mr. Bramble seem helpless when the reality of his profession was going to be disclosed?
9.   What impression did Harold show on overhearing the facts of his father?
10. What lie Mr. Bramble tell to Harold to hide the fact?
11. "Jerry Fisher's a hard nut," said Mr. Bramble, apologetically”. Who was Jerry Fisher and why did Bramble make this statement?
The best seller
1.   Who was John S Pescud and why was he travelling in chair car?
2.   What topic did the narrator and Pescud usually talk about whenever they met?
3.   Why Pescud did not like the traditional love stories as is in the ‘The Rose Lady and Trevelyan’.
4.   Where did Pescud meet the beautiful girl?
5.   What impression did Pescud have after seeing the girl?
6.   How did Pescud pursue the girl through busy traffics and trains to her home town?
7.   How and when the girls fall in love with Pescud?
8.   How did John A Pescud convince to the tall old man for his marriage?
9.   Why did John Pescud hire a room in the hotel near her residence?
10. What changes did occur in Pescud and why?

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