Monday, February 14, 2011

The First Birthday at 29

It is universally believed that the good wishes on birthday increases the longevity of a man. It intills with positive energy to confront with the mounting complexities around one's life. The faith in something has magical impact. When the people around wish for someone's betterment, it has medicinal and psychological outcome over the person.
The day was quite pleasant, mild breeze at dawn, chitterings of birds and the penetrating sunrays. But where is leisure to live. Be quick or be late for school. As usual the worthy neighbour cried, "O professor, hurry up." Thanks to the technological world, soon I emerged from my room, the message flashed titled LIC as 'Dear Lal chandra, Happy Birthday to you.' I eagerly showed it my neighbour and pleaded , "Please don't tell to anyone that today is my birthday.'
As usual I sliped out the class register from the racks of office and turned rapidly towards the class. It was extreme amazement when I heard all wishing, "Happy birthday to you dear sir" in chorus. I couldn't utter a word. The puff up of feelings recollected deep to my heart, eyed seemed to be wet, the heart throbbed, the legs shivered, I waited and waited and thought what to express.I don't know when I was born neither my parents ever told me. How long can the finger conting and week reckoning last? They forgot but the records never forget as they are made to remember. I carried on the DOB which our venerable primary teachers assigned up to now. I never showed the date to any of kv kids or least seemed interested in it. I kept fake DOB over all the internet ids.
I felt extremely delighted and elated on someone wishing my birthday. They showed the interest whereas I myself never seemed interested in my own birthday . Neither  I had ever expected that anyone would wish my birthday. So it was a novel experience for me. I felt like a child infront of all. They asked for treat, I gave to all which I could give. The day really seemed special when all passing by wished happy birthday.
The most stunnig moment was when I entered in class X and the same they also wished happy birthday and they too enjoyed singing and other pleasantries. They all made me realise that really my birthday was being celebrated.
The love and affection by the student absolutely overjoyed my heart.
But after two days school holiday, another surprising thing occured. I took the attendence as usual but after the assembly when I entered in the class I was infinitely stunned on them wishing me happy birthday. But the scene was quite different. The quadragular big cake piece surrounded by certain wraped object. I sensed the situation but was once again perplexed why were they celebrating twice a year in gap of merely two days. Neither I could understand it nor I wanted to ask, despite I thrusted myself in the arena and enjoyed the time. The students presented the Collections of Rudyard Kipling that was too precious to buy from any materialistic source. All enjoyed the cake and sang songs for me.Many others gave individual gifts too that was really fantastic.
Think like me, be at my place, then you will realise real worth of the time and occasion. Though I wished many on their birthdays but I was not wished upto 29th. So it was special for me, and will try to celebrate all the coming birthdays. I don't how many can I do. How can I forget the students, place and situation, no , never, its impossible.Before it I saw the wish, I heard but first time I felt it, I lived it. I realised the worth of the birthday celebration otherwise I was having negativity towards it as hypocitic show off and waste of money.
After all I wish for the bright and prosperous future for those students who showed their keenness in it. I extend my heartfelt goodwishes for them to get the goals of their life fullfilled.May god bless them.

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