Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The women empowerment in INDIA

Alas! the women needs empowerment. The women who have the privilege to eternalise the humanity and manhood. The women who stand in the centre of creation. The women without whom the human world is null and void. I feel embarrassed and deeply hurt on finding the fact that the human society is making endeavour to bring back their prestige of mastery in the society.
Women need not empowerment. They are powerful and strong. The initiative and propaganda about their empowerment if full of malady. Why to question their empowerment? that is another tool to make them feel that they are weak. that will rather enhance their subjugation. they will feel that they require the help of man for their emancipation and liberation.
one thing that lies deep in the indian mentality that preaching high and boasting big matter alot than acting something in reality on real ground.
untill they forsake such tendency nothing may come out of it. They preach of women empowerment. To what level it is going to happen or it will remain a mere political propaganda like thousands of others.
Another evil lying in the society is that they talk to bring reformation in others. They need first to follow the principle that charity begins at home.
so bring the reformation in you and family then move ahead for reformation in the society.

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