Monday, December 26, 2016

The Tough Road Ahead

 A man all the time feels quite relaxed at attainment of the destined goal. The more pathetic is that soon he obtains one, another stands hard to be done with. What milestone did one get often brings the newer and more troublesome complexity where a man miseraly gets struck and constantly tries to get rid of it. In straitforward way, its not the end of the deed on achieving few of them. In whole of the life the process of achieving and losing will go on. The man will come to the ultimate end but the task and responsibiltied will remain mouth opened putiing challenge.
This is rightly remarked by one of the great scholar that the only the tragic part of human life is true where a man suffers and only suffers, if the pleasure ever comes from any corner, indeed that is for shortwhile and momentary.

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