Monday, December 26, 2016

Critical Analysis of the poem 'My Farewell Poem by Arnab Bordoloi'

It’s an effort quite praiseworthy, amicable and class. The poem has two definite sections having certain specific individual features despite a whole.
The spontaneity, smoothness and rhythmic flow in the inceptive lines leave lasting and soothing impression over the mind of the readers. The powerful emotions reign high over the pattern there. There is the constant uninterrupted flow of feelings and ideas both. Poetic charm comes out of simplicity of language and innateness of ideas, and both are deftly intertwined there.
The ideas seem dominating over emotions in second part- form and content. Though the effort is to make the impact heavier out selection of diction and style yet it seems deviation from the poetic nature. The sense of verbalism hovers around. No doubt the content decides the structure-its diction, rhythm and consistency, but no compromise with what is called ‘poem’ and scale. The ideas seem overlapping each other here and there.
Overall the poem compels the readers feel like the poet. It touches their hearts and ties tightly with spirit of the poem from beginning to the end. It’s honor not only to darling school and school teachers but to the poem talent that has just sprouted for the magnificent future compositions.
                                                     L. Chandra

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