Monday, December 26, 2016

The Misery of Hindi language

 Inspite of all severe efforts from individual to adminstration to revive the prestige of Hindi,nothing fruitful occured upto now.More shocking is the discontinue the Hindi relay of progams the most favoured and loved BBC HINDI SEVA.Its really another deathly blow to the very root of dear Hindi. Has Hindi lost its value? Has Hindi not the flexibiliy to change with time? Has Hindi not fulfilled the aspirations of youth of new generation? Then whats the reason behind it to abolish it from the continuity. Most outstanding feature and part is that the language which represents about 120 crores of population is under great fall out.I have personlaly experienced how our elders used to be glued to the BBC programs. There seems cospiracy not behind Hindi language but behind Indians,moreover Indianness. If Indian language is overlooked, really that will be the crushing up the the interest and values of millions of people.
I plead to the governing authority of BBC to rething and reevaluate the matter and fo justice to Hindi and its people. That will be really great job for us.

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