Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Life Divine making you feel better

The present morose world is squeezing the essence of our life. It does not matter how luxurious life you are living or it does not matter how wealthier or resourceful you are. The thing that matter is that how much are you happy. How elegantly can you smile. How much comfortable you are with what you have. How much liveliness and pleasantries you share with your peers and fellows. Are you able to lighten the face of them when they are in great dilemma and utter adverse situation. These are the things that decide how divine and beautiful life you are living or it is merely a carrier of burdensome responsibilities.
From the day you are born you are surrounded by worldliness and it lasts till the last breath of your life. Life means to live but you don't live at all rather you make boredom in quest of fictitious happiness. You go on in infinite and limitless search for something that's beyond your reach.
Why to long for such mirages when our happiness lies in pretty smaller things around us. Why not making those petty looking beautiful things be made grand and splendour.
A man comes across the millions of occurrences about him and why not to live those superb moments. Even those moments can fill what mammoth dreams and desires could never do, The need is only read and recognise them timely and accurately and to respond accordingly.
The world seems to progress but in what? Can merely the material gains be sufficient for the sake of humanity and for well being of the generation to come? If the man loses the civil and moral ways of handling such material advancement, that may cause the disastrous consequences. Who will take the responsibilities of such fatal and tragic results coming out of material gains. The equal proportions of moral and civic gains must be to that of material gains. Only of that we can have a safer future and brilliant posterity.

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