Thursday, May 7, 2015

Natural resources

The god has created the man. And for the man he has created the beautiful world, the beautiful nature. If god has given hunger to man he has also given the store of foods to satisfy man’s hunger. If god has given thirst to man he has also given water to quench his thirst. In short if god has created man. Man has limitless needs and to fulfill those needs of the man the god has given this beautiful and wonderful nature full of natural resources like green world, water, space, light, air and many more so that his created man may survive in the world.
But in the process of development man has also developed his limitless demands and multifold requirements. The man has started misusing and damaging the natural resources gifted to him by god. The amount of natural resources like coal and petroleum are being unscrupulously exploited and wasted. No doubt these natural resources are for the man and for the creation but they are in limit. And they are supposed to serve the humanity from generation to generation.
We don’t care about that what the coming generation will do if destroy the natural resources. We are running blindly towards development and for the sake development and economic benefits we are damages the natural resource. The day will come when we shall have nothing to use.
Though development cant be stopped but certain other measures can be followed to stop misuse and blind exploitation of the natural resources. We must adopt the formula of sustainable development. Use the natural resources judiciously to fulfill the need of present generation without compromising the interest of coming generation.

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