Thursday, May 7, 2015

Media and networking

Development is in very nature of man. Right from the nomadic era he has entered into the 21st century of development in every sphere of human life. In ancient times he lived individual life and gradually family and then society was formed. He developed many needs and to fulfill that need he communicated human group at different places. In the process of communicating other member of human society he developed various means. In all means of communication and to keep human society together he adopted the communicating mediums like symbols, signs and then language. The animals were also used for the purpose.
But in modern time media and networking has become an integral part of human life. as breath is important for life so is media and networking for the advanced human race.
Media and networking enables us to be aware with the happening of not only of our country but of whole of the world. The event which happens thousands kilometer away reaches to us within single second. The things which seemed mirage and miracle sometimes has become a fact and reality today.
Media and networking also helps us to enhance the sphere of knowledge and enriches the store of information of the world and human life. the researches  done far away in different countries are uploaded and updated on internet which can soon be searched on google and so many other search engines.
Media and networking has opened the job opportunity to unemployed youths in over developing population. Lakhs of youths of the world are today employed in various print and visual media like newspapers, magazines and televisions as well as internet and networking.

If we say the media and networking is one of the biggest achievement of human race will not be superfluous.

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