Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ethics and values

Though we are fare ahead and very advanced in the education system and teaching methodology today than what was done in vedic era of guru and shisya tradition. We have advanced ourselves in the field of science and technology. We are today able to access to crores kilometer mars and other planetary bodies. We have also accessed the unfathomable oceans. Today we are boasting of our development.
But something we are lacking the blind race development that is ethics and values. We are forgetting the value system that was sometime the very backbone of our social structure.
Because of this today the crimes rates are increasing. The crimes like kidnap, murder, rape and loots have become day to day activities in so called developed and advanced metropolitan cities. Every body is rushing toward money and power. Everybody wants it by hooks or crooks. This leads to make the simple man into dishonest and faithless. The healthy social structure gets contaminated and an atmosphere of uneasiness and restlessness prevails all around.
Today the world is facing the big challenge of terrorism. Imagine where from the terrorism has originated. If these rascals would have been given value education was it possible to become them a terrorist and killing thousands innocent people world around. I say never. They would have better lived a simple life than to involve in such terrorist activities.
Today even in the family and society and at workplace and public places we observe the lack of values among us. We don’t respect elders. We don’t do on duty in time. We give and take bribes. We skip our moral duties and obligations. We don’t follow traffic rules. We don’t help the persons in needs. We don’t help the old and senior persons.

This is because we are missing value system in ourselves. So we need to introspect within ourselves. We must try to promote value education in our society. The parents should also give value tips to their children.

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