Thursday, May 7, 2015

Health and Fitness

Health is the sound state of human mind and body. Moreover his behavior, social terms and ethical values also decide the health of a person. Health is considered above wealth. if wealth we loose, that can be regained by working hard if we have lost our health we will even not be able to work. We become physically and mentally feeble. This restrains us to do anything. And everyone knows that without doing anything we can’t earn wealth.
That’s why it is correctly said that
If wealth is gone nothing is gone
If health is gone something is gone
And if character is gone everything has gone.
To keep our selves healthy and fit in the present world it is very important that we must have a disciplined life style.We must take care of what we eat. We must take care of how we eat. We must focus on balanced diet having all nutritious ingredients in proportion like fat, carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins.We must not take unhealthy and infected and stinking foods rather we must take green veg. we must avoid excess use of oil and spices. Me must follow healthy and neatly ways of cooking.Me must live recreational lifestyle with slight humor to avoid the complexities of life.And must have slight regular exercise and yoga according to individual needs to keep ourselves fit and healthy.
Seasonal fruits and vegetable are also to be used . we should also give time in outdoor and indoor games. they help in many ways to build social values and interpersonal relationship and also how to cope with the challenges around us. that also strengthens us mentally and physically.

No body is free to give time in sports and games neither they have time to do yoga or exercises. They have many responsibilities from morning to evening. Even this leads to depend on many junk food being sold outside in unhealthy surrounding. But to keep oneself healthy and fit one has to give time in such activities and adopt a proper healthy life style.

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