Saturday, October 19, 2013


According to the worldwide surveys and researches in psychology and the latest development in the knowledge of human mind and psychology the pressure of any type of in any form is resistible in the development of healthy mind. And every one well knows that healthy mind dwells in healthy body. Until a man is both physically and mentally sound, any sort of progress in his life can never be imagined. Consequently if a man does not develop, a nation does not develop. Pressure rather forms catastrophic ground to annihilate the very root of humanity.

Imagine the pressure to the undeveloped or developing minds of the teen agers. The mental growth gets stunted and crippled. That leads towards suicidal tendencies and nihilism attitude development. The pressure on teenagers and adolescents in multiple hues like ragging, cut throat competition, lavish of performance etc. these pressure culminates huge depression, inferiority complex, abnormality in nature and finally they all lead to suicidal tendencies ending into nothing. With a fellow the family society nation and above all whole humanity gets severely affected. Nothing is more degrading and shameful when someone assumes that he has the worthless existence in the world.

We all are bundle of differences. And these differences come out from our family background , the neighborhood and the community we live in. when all these differences clash together in teenagers they find it hard to adjust with others.  And because of it mental clashes of different type starts. All the vices and bad habits the start assuming ground that results in form of corruption, crimes, terrorism etc. that’s why I strongly oppose the view that peer pressure is always beneficial.

The psychologists also state one another vital remark that the pressure diminishes the working capacity either at home or in any other offices or institutions. The scolding of super bosses and hypocrisy of the fellow never good. Slowly and slowly the affected member loses interest in work, interest in people, interest in life or interest in anything that is really very horrible situation of one’s mind and life as well.

Other than this the discrimination of any type to an individual or any particular community or group too builds either negative ideologies and sometimes rebellious outburst against the person or the system. That too is one of the major factor to spread unrest and tumult in the society and in the nation. And its well known to all of us that “ the development of occurs in the lap of peace and prosperity not amid storm of revenge and retaliation.”

The world has realized and the history is witnessed that the high and super minds of the planets like Aristotle, Einstein, Addision, Arybhatt, Gallilio, Gautam Budh, Mahabir Swami and thousands other who paved the way to humanity. Whose teachings are still the guiding lamps and will ever be until there is humanity , their divine and magnificent thoughts and theories were not because of any type pressure but because absolute freedom of mind and spirit. The very noticeable point over here that I want to say that these marvelous minds of the earth had glittered alone not because of and companionship or support of anybody so how can anybody think that peer pressure is always beneficial. Its illogical and baseless.

It peer pressure is so beneficial can my worthy opponent tell me why the internationally recognized and reputed educational body CBSE all the time raising the slogan of removing all sorts or pressure in the classroom or in the school. The stress free, fear free and congenial atmosphere should be created to develop the immature mind of the young ones. And the supreme  court and many judiciary bodies and NGOs crying loud not build pressure cooker situation in academic institutions or even at homes. The media highlights most often how the student went from depression to death only because the school teacher said him stupid.

As the sun does not require any body to shine and moon glorifies word alone in the clear and unspotted sky but when the same sky is shrouded by the stubborn clouds the very glow of the these heavenly bodies who give eternal source of life to us get adversely affected so is the pressure all around among the fellow beings and co-habitats. I strongly favour my side that Peer pressure can never be beneficial to anybody, anywhere or in any form.

Thank you.

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