Saturday, October 19, 2013

Peer pressure is always beneficial

Points against the topic

1.      Pressure of any kind is unjust and against

2.      The term pressure is negative in itself then effect will surely be the same

3.      The peer pressure during teen age is catastrophic leads to nothing

4.      Raging and cut throat rivalry and competition leads to suicidal tendencies

5.      Negativity attracts more than positivity- all bad habits like addiction, drink, smoke,---towards corruption, crimes and terrorism

6.      Discrimination like colour, rich and poor, nature differences, leads towards destructive inferiority complex

7.      Numerous psychological surveys and researches and latest development in human psychology have stated against any pressure on human mind- it erodes the inherent innate power in all

As if any powerful lion pitiably caged in bars and gradually become mentally and physically weak

8.      Under pressure the developing tendency weakens because progress occurs in total stress free and fearless atmosphere

9.      During school time in teen age the pressure fellow students compel to involve in wrong deeds and bad habits latter it becomes the part and parcel of one;s life


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