Saturday, October 19, 2013


Most honourable chief guest, jury members, the learned teachers, fellow debaters and dear friends, I am here to speak in the favour of the topic “ The peer pressure is always beneficial”.

The peer is group of being of similar age or rank or status. Sometimes as synonym to peer the words like companion, fellow and mate are used. As we all well know the famous statement of Aristotle that “ Man is a social animal. Outside of the society either he is god or monster. And in another well known words of famous sociologist Mcyver and Page  is that “Society is the web of social relationship”.

We take birth with certain unique features and peculiarities that create differences in us and these differences lead us to imperfection. Here I intend to say that each and every individual is distinctly imperfect and incomplete. These imperfections are relieved to certain level of perfection living in the close contact of peer group pressure. Though it looks awkward but is absolutely true. This is the only peer group pressure that results in the perfect personality building. We learn it from the petty naughtiness, competitiveness, fight and fondles. That instills capacity to facing the odds and obscurities of the world and life ahead. What an individual learns from the peer group pressure  no other can be substitute of that. Though parents and relatives do much in the process of making a child to man but the place and power of peer group is absolutely unique in itself.

In the eye of above statement we can firmly say that a man is influenced by the happening in the surrounding either the human deeds or the natural causes. The influence that the companionship forms on the individual is always beneficial. This is one of the absolute fact that development is possible only when different hands unite together and formulate the greater and better outcomes. Another notable point is that the being of the same age group and rank or status builds the bond of human relationship towards infinite development more strongly than other age group and status. Moreover it makes the healthy relationship reliable , stable and lasting. The reason behind is the same psychological level and similar desires.

Among the peers, the healthy competitive tendency develops and that helps in the achievement of the goals in life through cooperation and coordination. The astonishing fact that everyone is aware with is that the boys entering into the age of teen makes their different world of friend circle other than parents. The peers can provide what parents and relatives can’t. The parents  don’t have much more time to spend with the children. In this situation the children search the possibility of life and learning. Next to parents these children become used to of neighbours and afterward he makes the peer group where he is resorted of all sorts of emotional, social and ethical upliftment.

The parents merely help in bringing up with all materialistic resources but to become a successful citizen of the world these peer groups do. One another benefit that I want to highlight is that the work capacity and harmonious efforts the persons of the same age group or rank reflect better solutions.

There are strong possibilities and manifold natural capacities hidden in the very root of individual that turns into a huge and enormous shape latter on. It is better to quote William Wordsworth here- child is the father of man.”  Our local, national and international academic institutions and organizations like CBSE, NCERT are now laying much more emphasis on the issue to create congenial and loving atmosphere all around the immature and developing mind. The parents and teachers are counseled to be more friendly to them.

The most important is that the peer pressure is natural. It is because we are integral part of the society. Peer pressure is equal to trimming and untrimming  of a tree. The pressure around us works as trimming factor turning an individual into a beautiful personae like a beautiful tree in proper shape and direction. Otherwise it moves into undesirable direction and awkward movement and ugly form.  This is why the saying seems true that spare the rod spare the child.

So I am of the strong opinion that peer pressure is genuinely  beneficial in making a child into a responsible and successful man.

Thank you.

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