Friday, March 11, 2011


Man has explored and unmystyfied Nature. He seemed to supersede at many ways. He has beaten Nature at many places.
Sometimes the man finds hard to believe what he has achieved.
But the wrath of Nature to bring havoc and upside down in fraction of seconds can be observed there in Japan. Japan is considered or ranked in the most technically rich countries of the world but seems on its wits end before the indomitable Nature. Nature has manyfaceted role. It nourishes inform of priceless natural resources and destroys like Tsunami.
From this I am forced to recall the Shelley's poem 'Ode to the west wind'. In the poem the west wind functions dually as destroyer and preserver.
Tsunami in Japan has tolled life and property in a second. Along with those affected fellows their aspirations and future plans also shattered. Ironically the died before they lived.
The pride, the ego, the pretence of power of man devasted in a minute.
The children seem crying for parents, parents for parents, wives waiting husband to return, oh no , but they can not return. They have lived the given life tenure, they have completed their journey of life, they completed their act on the worldly stage.
The theory of uncertainty still prevails here, the terror of mortality mocks us all, the futility of life's plannig got realised. The abolute pessimism reigns the world.
The scream seems to hover over the world on tragedy of Japan. Human heard wrecks and bleeds for sympathy.
Let the people of Japan me mercied by Almighty.

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