Sunday, March 6, 2011


As a true Indian, I love India to the the core of my heart and cordially wish all the best for the battle of Cricket World Cup 2011 to victory. Moreover I also pray to the super power almighty to favour the brave lions of Indian Teams so that all Indians may relish the pleasure of 1983 under Kapil Da. Most earnestly I beg other Indians to invoke the supreme power to help India in the deep struggle with the terrific team world over. As the devotion and bhakti really works alot in the pursuit of finching mercy of God.
Another important thing for the Indian team to be ballanced and moderate and strategic in its journey to victory because the path is not so even. The monsters like Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa and Srilanka are already the strongest barricades in the way.Indian team management including coach should ponder about the injuries and forms of the players.
After two matches with Bangla desh and England the stark criticism has reaped up all around about bowling and fielding side. For the victory every section of the team must be equally satisfactory and reliable and strong.
Winning against Bangladesh was no more in what way they won if we compare the victory of West Indies only on 58. And level score against England which has been roughly defeated by less experienced and less popular Ireland really puts a big question before all.
Today , the match againnst Ireland can not be underestimated as what they have performed against England.
Dhoni team should value every ball to come or go.

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