Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Glory of Indian Woman Empowerment

The women are inseparable part of human life and society as well. They had been so called crushed and humiliated under the will dominace of men. From the high profile saints of ages to the modern consumerist social administration have executed plans and raised slogans. Now the resonance of this can be herard every door, street and village moreover to the parliament. Now the women have shown their worth and calibre in front of the world. They are on the path of enhancement and empowerment. Not bad at all. Really step to welcome, thing to adore. But what often strikes my mind is that how much the women society is conscious about the concession and reservations bestowed on them.
One day an event strenghtened this conviction when i glared upon the page of Sentinel Hindi daily in front of school library. The honourable daily has fantasticlly and emphatically commented over the women empowerment. The cycle richshaw being driven by a poor flimsy girl about 17 or 18 yrs old girl. Back to the cycle rickshaw was certain domestic amunities laden. The underneath line commented like 'the virtual condition of women leading so pathetic life when the world is celebration the women's empowerment day in Patna Bihar'. That was as one could have expected from media persons after twilight of anual women's empowerment day. What stunned me most was on the same page and in the same state of Bihar, but district was different, Bhagalpur where certain aristocratic modelled , well decorated sophisticatedly, half smile upon face, entertaining themselves with fun games. Upto a long times my eyeballs hung between to pictures of women but different positions. What could i thinik and what could i say. See them  and see the advocates of women's empowerment , what they opine about such luxury inflicted genteel ladies. Do they not need to empowered or do they not need to be instructed. I have no personal ill feeling for the women society and for what is being done for there betterment. For the name of women the empowerment scheme is required i disagree,  i support the measures based on real economic,social of political backwardness.

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