Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Man is the bundle of Emotions-Against the motion

Honourable jury members , teachers , dear students  today I am here to speak against the topic ‘Man is the bundle of emotions.’

Someone has factually has remarked that heart is deceiver and mind is receiver. Man is because he has fantabulous ideas and miraculous ideas. It is ideas not the emotions that have certified the supremacy of man over other fellow creatures of the planet. It is ideas that have brought incredulous discoveries and inventions. It is ideas that inspire and enable mankind incline towards innovative novel deeds.  The ideas make the current of life afresh and keeps moving on. That is the reason after ages of advent of human civilization the charm of living is still alive. There is hope and there is beauty.

We ever think but we rarely feel. Emotions are but they are temporary and transient in nature. They lack productivity and continuity. They lack force of life.

The man is surrounded by multiple ideas that help him to live life beautifully and successful as well in the hustling and bustling world. The man having no idea is called stupid and foolhardy and wicked. He gets no respect and no attention even from the family persons what to say about others in the society.

All the time man keeps on thinking and thinking either about his personal life or about family, society, profession, the country etc. he has no time to show emotions towards others. It is no exaggeration to say that in modern world of hurries and worries we don’t know what’s being cooked in neighbors’ kitchen. If someone dies in the neighborhood the news we get when we get the formal invitation final rituals. Not only this, we hurriedly pass through the road and see someone died in accident, but we have no time for showing emotions for the fellow. We take it granted that such cases occur regularly.  Just remember how we pass through crushing the lamed or disabled person sitting at pathways  and footpaths. We even cry slangs on these pathetic fellows.

Ideas have made the man to feel proud of his race. It is ideas that have led to climb the skyward mountains, to dive bottomless oceans and fly immeasurable spaces. Emotions beget fears and out of fear such adventurous tasks are impossible.

Ideas have brought man from primitive and nomadic stage to a civilized and cultured stage.  We have the mechanical facilities that makes the life go smooth and comfortable. Today we boast of high skyscrapers and magnificent buildings, today we boast on sophisticated transportation and info-technology. That is all possible from the grand ideas not frail emotions.

Just imagine what we would have been if we had seen emotions and emotions. Emotions make a man weak and a man nothing to do. Emotions are fantasy while ideas are the fact. And everyone knows how long can fantasy help us. Fantasy is cheater and so are the emotions.

One of the famous writer of English literature –dramatist and essayist George Bernard Shaw whose dramas are called as the drama of ideas has confidently said that ‘it is ideas that has made us to feel like man, otherwise we were beast’. It is the ideas of our great philosophers and thinkers not their emotions that have influenced and inspired the humanity. May it be Lord Christ, Mohd Sahab, Lord Budha and Mahatama Gandhi. Their ideas have guided the path of humanity to walk on the path of eternity. Their ideas have the lamp to  lighten the darkness prevalent in the society. Their ideas had been the eternal source of inspiration in all ups and downs of humanity and its advancement.

How can we forget Eddisons naughty ideas to hatch the eggs and fly the girl servant. How can we forget the Newton’s ideas in leisure on falling of the apples. Even the total physical disability of Stephen Hawkings can’t stop him thinking miraculously and continuing the development of human knowledge.

Are we still in the false pretension to over crying of emotions. As I think every educated person will be aware of the saying ‘where there is will there is way’. What’s that. Is that emotion or idea? Absolutely that is idea not emotion.

If anyone is drowning in front of your eyes , what would you like to do? Either to show emotions on the dying man or to think how to say the man. Someone’s house is on fire, what you would do? To shed tears on the burning house or think how to help. The answer will absolutely be ‘to think how to save the situation’.Can we feed up or fulfill the requirement of our own or family members only by showing emotions? Can we bring the dresses to put on only by showing emotions? No and never. We have to think and act accordingly. Only after that we can fulfill the needs of ours and family members.Was it possible to make india free only by showing emotions in front of the britishers? Was the planning and fighting of national leaders was in vain? No, to find the goal and to achieve success anywhere we need planning and execution with full devotions.

I conclude with famous saying that

Nothing is good or bad in the world, our thinking makes us feel so.


  1. its just awesome
    i will take some points 4rm hee 2 make my foot stronger in the coming debate

    1. ya even i want to know!!
      i am also competing on comming debate...

    2. which skl????!!!!even i qualified for the regionals!!!!!

  2. very nice
    i could tell yesterdays debate

  3. it is a debate more on ideas but less on the actual topic

  4. Thanks to you, Sir. You saved my day. Without you I would have lost the competition.

  5. ur contents are really gud but where does the inspiration for those life changing ideas come frm ???
    arent the emotions basic necessity to feel the need for something

  6. It is true that where there is will there is a way is a idea but the "notion" that makes it possible is determination and it is an emotion. Still it is a good content. It has been helpful to me to understand the "ideas" of others.