Friday, July 20, 2012

Man is the bundle of emotions-Favour of the motion

Man is a social animal and man is a living organism as well. Where there is life there will be emotions. It is the emotion that has brought one man to another man together and formed the society. It is emotion that differentiate us from non living organism. The man feels what other man suffers from. The best example of human’s emotions we can see from the mother fondling and milking her baby.

Can anybody tell me why we start shedding our valuable tears when someone dies in an accident .Don’t we show sympathy with handicapped and disabled persons begging alms.

What to say about real human relationships in day to day practical life, even in the sas bahu serials and heart rending films why do we become emotional. Why our eyes flood into tears. I firmly say it is nothing but emotion and emotion only.

Then question may arise in everyone’s mind that what really emotion is. Emotion is an expression or an idea or a situation where someone feels the same as other feels. Not merely mankind even all living organism have emotion of their own. They laugh, they weep, they sympathize and they boast.

Have we forgot emotions of bharat towards Ram, shabaree towards ram yaklavya towards dronacharya. They are all the unique examples which is highly regarded in our life.

Emotion is the foundation brick of all human and his social values. If we abandon all emotional aspect of life then need not to weep at death of someone and the farewell of brides at marriage. Why do we start liking or hating someone? Why does the memory of departed or separated sweet ones haunt long after their exit from the worldly scene? It is all due to emotional aspect of human life.

Life is impossible without emotions. There are innumerable emotions attached with human life. Even we can say that all human actions are guided by emotions. Love and hate is the part of universal dualism. Either we love or hate. They are also emotions. Love is god, love is life, and love is music and love is art as well. Nothing is above love according to the myths and modern thinkers. It is love that prompts a man to be friend of another man. That is first step of social structuralism.  That knits the framework of society.

Emotion is the predominant and integral part of poetry and we know poetry is life. Wordsworth defines poetry as “Poetry is the overflow of powerful feeling recollected in tranquility.”

When dropadi was being undressed, every one cried, when abhimanyu died everyone wailed. But why because it was overflowing of powerful emotions.

Desire, anger, sympathy, love, hate and friendliness are all the outburst of powerful emotions. Man is the most dominant, wise and powerful creature of the world. He is the store of marvelous and miraculous ideas that led to numerous inventions and discoveries. Emotions are pre-requisite of these ideas.  The emotions come naturally then we modify them into ideas that help in advancement of the society.

It’s the biggest blunder of human race to take himself as lifeless object beyond all emotions. This seems quite ridiculous if one takes the man having no emotions and no feelings. This is malicious and ignorant expression of self. Nothing can be more shameful as to consider human race in dearth of emotions. Its unbelievable and baseless. My worthy opponent may somehow try to protect his side but his inner self , I mean his conscience will itself be no accepting what his mouth is boasting of. For the sake of his side , he is manipulating the facts which he himself is aware of.

Someone has rightly affirmed that ‘imagination is pre-requisite of ideas, and ideas have made human race dominant over other races of the planet. This is idea and idea only that has proved our supremacy over other creatures of the planet. And it is well and widely known to everyone that ideas come after emotions and imaginations. So to say man having no emotions is merely mockery of self as well as whole of mankind.

Emotions make us as human or a living organism otherwise we are lifeless and inactive body. It is emotion that makes us feel like man. It is emotion that brings one man to another man together and that is the first pillar of the huge and magnificent building of social framework.

It is emotion that has inspired all branches of human knowledge and learning- may it be sociology, psychology, history, philosophy and science and religion. The man was shocked and surprised by the happening in his surrounding in early dawn of human civilization and started exploring deep with faith and devotion. That helped in advancement of human knowledge and learning.  Today we firmly believe that every branch of learning is the inspiration from nature and nature is much associated with emotional aspect of human life.

If we don’t have emotions why should we worship in temples, why should we be afraid of wrongs in life, why should we respect our elders, why should we follow the rules of the world why should we shed tears on death of someone and why should we sympathize with suffering fellows. It is because we are having immense store of emotions in the core of our hearts. That’s why we lament, we cry, we smile, we over joy and we break if some one or something hurts us.

Our emotions overflow when someone drowns, when someone burns, when someone bleeds in accident, when someone is  bitten by snake or when someone cries in various pains of the world. Why our hand moves automatically to help the person in urgent need.

The man without emotions is a stone, a lifeless object and everyone knows that lifeless object can not make the world go ahead. These mechanical instruments require wise and skills to be controlled and operated. That is possible only by human with emotions.

Without emotions we are robotic in nature that only knows how to perform the acts not why to perform the acts. This type of tendency brings catastrophe and large scale destructions.

Here I would like to remind our worthy opponents that whenever there was loss of emotions there was destruction and panic. The consecutive two world wars and innumerable battles gave nothing fruitful to the world. In guise to accomplish the hypothetical ambitions there had been huge destruction of human sweat and blood.

When ideas and emotions are placed together I confidently avouch that ideas mostly contribute in destructive tendency while emotions are constructive in nature.  Ideas are cruel and unkind whereas emotions are drowned deep in sympathy and mercy. Ideas bring the Hiroshima and nagsaki situation whereas emotions brings peaceful communication, contribution and conference like situation. Undoubtedly it is idea that has brought matchless discoveries and inventions in front of the world but we must not forget that the same ideas have generated nuclear and bio-chemical weapons that is able to destroy total humanity within minutes. But emotions teach us to love humanity whatever region or country anyone belongs. it is not due to caste and colour but it is due to bone and flesh. Every one is made of bone and flesh whatever country anyone belongs.

It is emotions and emotions only that has inspired in building the social framework. Emotions bring one person to another person together. Thus family generates and society so on. And then country and the world and humanity. We all well remember the famous saying of Aristotle that Man is the social animal, beyond society either he is god or beast. Neither we are beast nor god so because we are living in society and society is the culmination of emotions.

Whenever human beings abandon emotions and gave much emphasis to individual ideas than communal ideas they had to suffer unfathomable loss neverbefore. The examples of dictators like Hitler, mousolini and napoleon is the burning and unique examples.