Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“Present education system has been able to create successfull and cultured citizen in the country

The people may say that going in the school, attending coaching centers or getting tutor at home is education. Education is something which makes us man out of animal. We are entitled to be called civilized and developed race of the planet. We not only get education in the so called formal institutions and the hub of educational centers but the life moving around ourselves too are the richest source of education. The raw mind gets ripened out of education that enables us to live the over laden life smoothly and successfully. It’s merely education that has resulted human race into present age of machine and technology from primitive nomadic state.

But the big question whether present education system has really created cultured and successful citizen poses a big challenge in front of us. We have to analyze in the mirror of the education system of our ancestors and forefathers. If we agree with the topic we have to concede that the conventional education has no power create successful citizen. I favor the idea that every education system is the result of the time and life in it. From the early stage of human life , there has been different mode of education, and in the process of development it went on getting accustomed with the changed scenario. Every time there has been people who remained stick to the bygone habits and the people hugging the changes. Its really noticeable that ‘ change is the law of nature, there is no beauty without change’. We could not have hoped the use of computer and mobile, aeroplanes and sophisticated machines from the primitive uncivilized men, but we must agree that what we are today is the result of our forefathers inventions and discoveries. Today searching of the newer planet seems sensational but in those days , the invention of fire, wheel and pots were not less sensational. They have been the backbone of all today’s development. What newer things we are developing today will become of secondary importance after centuries ahead. The invention of fire would have really dazzled the nomadic people. They would have got burning spot to their bodies but later they utilized the same for their advancement in sphere of human life like making the sharp weapon for hunting, to save them from wild beasts, to cook the food etc.

The invention of the wheel lessened the burden of the back of the man. The animals were being used to carry the goods from one place to another. The society started assuming form. And the race of development quickened. The fire and the wheel is the reason why we are making synthetic materials today.

How can we say that only the present generation citizens are to be called successful?  Was chanakya and Chandra gupta no successful? Was ashoka , the great a failure? Was napoleon and Alexander, the great only the puppet? Was mihirsen, aryabhatta, sushrut of no importance.

Its foolish to say that only present generation education system has potential to inculcate the cultural values.

Think about Mahatam Budha and Mahabira Swami, they taught the morals to the world.

There is only one thing to say in this regard that every education system has limitation of the age and circumstances , but it has its importance at least in the associated era. It may be replaced by the newer ideas and concepts, but it can never lose its worth.

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