Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Universal brotherhood is more valuable than patriotism

Against the motion

Honorable judges, jury members, teachers and my dear friends, today I am here to express my views against the most debated topic ‘universal brotherhood is more valuable than patriotism.

It’s not merely for speaking sake but in reality I do firmly believe and support my side and I feel really very sorry how my worthy opponent stands in favor to glorify the importance of universal brotherhood. As I think it’s a nominal false pretention to protect the side somehow. If it’s not like that, then can I get an answer?, ‘ If there is fire in the village and his/her house too is on ablaze, whose house will he save first’ as I believe that the answer will be ‘ own house’. Another situation I would like put in front of him/her, if the team won any trophy, and his/her brother was one of the team member, whether he/she will celebrate the victory of team of her brother, certainly the victory of her brother will be more important than the victory of the team.

Under the light of these references I merely intend to emphasize that in theory whatever may be, but in practical life, an individual is above all sorts of universal convictions and false promises.

Just think, how can a hungry man fulfill the stomach of another one? How can a man donate the needy persons lavishly if his own bank account goes nil. I would like to entreat my worthy opponent to go and ask a beggar on the footpath ‘what does universalism mean?, for him two times meal is more important than any concept or ideology. There is another big hindrance in the path of universal brotherhood. Can a man fiercely entangled in the personal problems solve others problems? I say never. I firmly contradict the idea of creating the beautiful platform of universal brotherhood where every human being will be treated equally like brothers. I do believe it’s merely mirage in the deserts never going to be fulfilled. I think patriotism is not merely a reverence to the nation but it’s religion, it’s culture and moreover it’s above all goals of livings.

My worthy opponent claims to bring equality and fraternity in human race through universal approach and ideology while he/himself might be well aware of the fact that it’s never possible as ‘difference lies in the very nature of man’. There is large scale differences among human race in color, climate, lifestyle, belief, caste and creed. These reasons had been the factors of conflict between different communities. The European countries captured the other countries and tortured brutally their original people and squeezed its natural resources. They consider themselves more civilized species of earth. In that case it’s nightmare to think about universal brotherhood.

It’s not the first time in human history to think about universalism. The great souls like Lord Christ in Europe, jarthustra in West Asia, Confusiaus in China and Gautam Budh , Mahabir Swami in South Asia propagated the idea of love to human beings but today there sermons and preachings are lied buried in the books or in the temples only. Communal riots. Long list of conversion, by avarice, trick or by force. They cry the slogan of one god and all sons, but the same has bifurcated and are fanatic and orthodox of their own belief. Even in the modern world of science and technology the superstitions prevails strongly.

 India too had extended hands of brotherhood with China in the year 1962 with slogan ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ but in return how China responded, we all know very well, the attack on the poorly equipped souldiers in the regime of Pt Neharu. We also know what Atal Bihari Bajpai got in return after his visit to Pakistan in 1999, the Kargil War.

It’s not problem of India or its neighbouring nations, there is hardly any country which is not having the boundary issues.  The long running conflict between Isarael with philistine is widely known. Every country has some lasting challenges in its domain like naxalism, moaist, minority , racism, regionalism, language and many more internal issues. As long as these issues are not solved our effort to universal brotherhood will be in vain.

I grieve at the idea of universal brotherhood when I see the strong hold and dominance of a few so called developed countries over the world organizations like UNO, IMF, UNICEF,UNESCO and many more. Although these organizations are constituted with notion to benefit all human beings but they are headed and governed by the powerful developed countries like USA, Britain and others. The world’s second highly populated country India could not secure a permanent seat at UNO till now. The dictatorship of the lead nations we have seen everywhere. For their own benefit, they twist the rules and execute accordingly. They have their covetous eves over oil store in west Asian countries, and to tighten the hold on these countries, either they are attacking by themselves on false accusations or promoting internal conflicts to weaken them. Today almost all the developed countries devise to have strong hold over world economy, they have the hawk eye for being the leader in the world market by hook or by crook. The developing countries have to be sufferer in it.

If there is equality all around the world then I surprise to say why are there so many disparities  among currencies of different nations like dollar, rupee, euro, yuan, dinar and so on. The attack over Indians in major countries like Australia and America and step motherly temperament of so called developed countries exemplify their hidden notions.

       Another thing that is striking my mind is that if one stabs another man right in the belly through the dagger and later says that, let’s forget our enmity and be noble friends, can the wounded fellow extend the hand in friendship?,  I say ‘never’.  Can Japaneese forget the Hiroshima and Nagashaki event, Can the world’s notorious dictators like Hitler , Napolean and Mousolini and Bismarked be excused, I say ‘No’. Can Russia ever be friend of America, can World forget what Germans did in world war. Or can Germans ever forget what injustice so called countries in League of Nations did. Though the wars are over today, but the pots are boiling everywhere.

 I mean to say ‘It’s act of not any single country but cooperation of every nation, and that is as I believe never practicable.

       Moreover, If patriotism values nothing then What is use of celebrating independence day and republic day with pomp and show. Throw away the false crying over the slogans of JAY HIND, DILLI CHALO, TUM MUJHE KHOON DO MAI TUJHE AAZADI DOONGA so and so. Forget Bhagat Singh , Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose.

       In this regard I think to quote the lines of famous American poet Mark Twain that ‘East is East and west is west, and never twain can meet together.’

       Thank you

       Jay Hind Jay Bharat

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