Monday, July 11, 2011


Against the motion

Major points

1.       The attack over Indians in major countries like Australia and America. And step motherly temperament of so called developed countries.

2.       The global EARTH SUMMIT and consecutive world conventions over emission of carbon gas out of fuels.

3.       Disparity and discrepancy in the world economy’ dollar against rupees’ there must be unanimous currency in the world.

4.       The European countries captured the other countries and tortured brutally their original people and squeezed its natural resources.  Can a the Japanese forget the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagashaki.

5.       What is use of celebrating independence day and republic day with pomp and show. Fuck on the false crying over the slogans of JAY HIND, DILLI CHALO, TUM MUJHE KHOON DO MAI TUJHE AAZADI DOONGA so and so. Forget bhagat singh , mahatma Gandhi and subhas Chandra bose.

6.       Every country is struggling with border line controversy and no has good terms with their neighbouring counries what to say to others.

7.       Since the dawn of human civilization we had been fighting with other despite few efforts of saints and sadhus. Today itself we are fighting  covertly.

8.       Yek hath se tali nahi bajta.

9.       To think about it is like mirage in the deserts.

10.   China claiming tibbat its own territory. Why?

11.   America fostering Pakistan against neighbouring countries and Israel against filisteen.taliban was prepared against Russia .

12.   Only india has the tendency to hug the enemies too but other countries behave roughly.

13.   Chah nahi mai surbala ke gahano me gutha jao, chah nahi devo par chadh kismet par ithlaoo, mujhe tod lena ban mali,  us path par tu dena phek, matri bhumi par shish chadhane jis par jaye beer anek.

14.   Dharm ke pujari dharmik sankirta ke beej bog aye. Communal riots. Long list of CONVERSAN, BY avarice, trick or force. They cry the slogan of one god and all son, but the same has bifurcated  and are fanatic and orthodox of their own belief. Even in the modern world of science and technology the superstitions prevails strongly.

15.   The judges in the international awards and chief of world organisations.

16.   The centres of world organisations in developed countriesp headed by them

17.   The rape and treachery of foreign tourists .

18.   They consider themselves more civilized species of earth.

19.   Though the wars are over today, but the pots are boiling everywhere.

20.   Can Russia ever be friend of America, can World forget what Germans did in world war. Or can Germans ever forget what injustice so called countries in League of Nations did.

21.   The world’s notorious dictators like bismark, hitlar, napoleon, sikandar.etc  what stigma they have spoted to world’s histonry, whether that can be blotted,

22.   We go to bilateral talk, but Pakistan remains rigid, and continues to shelter the terrorist organisations targeting the public places and temples where the innocent people are brutally killed.

23.   Every country has some lasting challenged in its domain like naxalism, moaist, minority , racism, regionalism, language, caste and creed, beliefs,. Many more internal issues.

24.   So called world organisations are constituted and dominated by major conutries.

25.   The documents and statutary bodies may assert whatever but as per the people’s mentality’ still the revenge is the only mode to punish the culprit. I mean ‘HATH KE BADLE HATH AUR ANKH KE BADLE ANKH.

26.   Individualism and universalism

27.   Vyam nijah parcheti, gadna laghuchetsam ,udar charitanam tu basudhaiv kutumbkam

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