Monday, July 11, 2011

Universal brotherhood is more important than patriotism

Favor of the motion                (Lalchandra)

Its widely accepted that the love of humanity is above all religions. May it be Christianity, Islam, Budhism, Hinduism or any religion across the world, each of them has the spirit, sons of the same father, then why are we fighting to divide ourselves in the false pretension of patriotism, nationalism or many more.

My worthy opponent may boast to say that universal brotherhood is the mirage because every nation must put hand forward for this task, only this can be a reality. But I am sorry to remind my worthy opponent , can he tell me the name of any country where the great souls did not universalize the oneness factor, to love the humanity and respect every individual. The great souls like Lord Christ, lord budha, confusius, jarthustra lighted the lamp of humanity through ages. There had been the effort by every country in this direction.

Today, in the globalized world, who can imagine to be untouched from the occurrences world over.  It’s like being empty stomach in spite of delicious dishes in the home.

Just think, how all nations are interdepended over one another economically, socially and religiously. Being broken from the bonds how can any nation survive? Can you tell any nation fulfilling all its requirements by its own. I firmly believe there will be none.

The days of blind nationalism and unguarded patriotism are wrapped in pages of history books, today they mean nothing in reality.

Today in materialistic and utilitarian world we don’t live merely in family, village, country but in the world too. The students prefer to get education in foreign universities, to marry foreign girl, to settle in foreign land, to visit foreign tourist places. Moreover, everyone wants to become an international icon than being capsized in any particular territory.

Today whole of the world have felt the vitality of universal brotherhood, that’s why many international social, political, religious and economical organizations are constituted to supervise the welfare of the world and humanity.

In the field of entertainment , many foreigners have become the integral part of Bollywood films whereas many Indians performed in foreign tv serials and other places.

In sport , this interdependency can clearly be observed, the coaches and trainers are mostly foreigners. In IPL  you may see how india has divided into many teams having many foreign players in different sides. In many interviews of these players , how they enjoy the companionship of one another with diversified habits and cultures.

I agree that once to contact other country was a hard task, then the life of individual was confined but today in the age of technology , that excuse nowhere exhists. Now an Indian can join the wedding party in America in gap of 7 or 8 hours. An Indian studying  in America can talk his family in India as if they are talking sitting beside.

So I wonder how anyone can talk of mere patriotism in this age?  Just sit aside and think what are you going to obtain and miss as a patriot and international citizen, the answer you will get by yourself.

Over emphasizing patriotism means we are again treading back to the age of brutality and duel, only fight all around to show ownership of particular territory and property. Do you want another world war like situation? Are you not fed up of the immeasurable losses in two consecutive world wars.  Don’t you realize that these world war have put indelible spot in the history of human beings?

Before being American, Chinese or Indian, we are human being of the same anatomy. I don’t understand what’s wrong in hugging universal brotherhood. It’s like the tree giving sweet fruits and shades for other and preserves nothing for itself and like the rivers providing water for others not for itself. It does drink water but it makes other drink.

I am confident with my side and firmly tell that its unstoppable natural force, no power can be hindrance in its way. It will prosper , prosper and prosper.

India has ever initiated positive step in this regard. In Vedic era the idea of ‘UDAR CHARITANAM TU, BASUDHAIVA KUTUMBKAM’ showed the spirit of humanity. Later Lord Budha and Mahabir Swami embraced the people of every section of society. Who can forget the historical moment not only in Indian history but the history of the world, when Swami Vivekanand powerfully lectured in Newyark  conference of religions in 1893.

In 20th century , Mahatma Gandhi taught the lesion of truth and non-violence and told that need not fear from the sinners but from the sin.

Think about the country’s economy where most of the foreign companies pay high taxes to government and provide the valuable services in different forms whereas most Indian companies earn a lot from foreign soils and pay back to Indian government and Indian people. To provide most of transport, food and technological facilities, we depend to debt from IMF that has made the development in Indian possible. We get handsome amount as gratuity from WHO to fight fatal diseases and natural disasters.

The foreign tourists pay beautifully visiting India for different purposes.

After coming in contact of other countries, our social framework has also changed positively. There is great emphasis over girls’ right and education,  alleviation and awakening for downtrodden people and improve in literacy rate, and life standard and ascending the per capita income.

1.       The great souls went to another countries and served a lot like james princep, sir William jones, madar Teresa , ane besent, cf Andrews and Sonia Gandhi,and indian in abroad.


  1. In the last paragraph it will be Mother Teresa not madar Teresa