Saturday, May 6, 2017


The book titled ‘Hope and Happiness’ is the collection of the poems which was penned in a good length of time between 2005- 2017. These are the reflections of the author’s mind on different time and circumstances. As the author’s life was full of challenges, socially and financially, so the pensive mood is sporadically exhibited. Thereafter a positive note in each poem is visible too. To say these poems subjective and autobiographical in total will be partially true. As they exhort some universal and people- in -common philosophies of life. The exuberance of individuality of the author is subdued by generalized delineations of things, situations and people. At some stages he seems to vent the voice of marginalized and deprived people of the society. Organized and integrative feelings are no less presented than individual ones. The earlier poems look more sorrowful and later seem the brave spirit craving to fight with all odds and eerie of life. The earlier poems look more systemized and rhymed and later rather composed in free verse where emotions and ideas dominate over the structure. Least pedantry is shown and more focus is to express the heart innately in simple and honest manner. He does not follow any specific pattern of writing. So the length, lines, diction and form deeply vary from each other. Above all this is an experimentation to express the emotions and ideas in poetic form. It is an attempt to enter into the active literary world of writing with huge future prospect to illuminate the humanity by simpler and sober ways. Though this may not show mastery over the poetic art, yet storms and volcanoes in the heart and mind are crazy to produce something big and vibrant. This initial publication and positive responses will boost the morale to do for further versifications.

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