Sunday, April 27, 2014

India of my Dream


I am Indian and I love my country very much. I want to see my country to be counted in the prosperous and beautiful countries of the world. I want that my country must be in the cadre of developed countries where there is no poverty, corruption, communal tensions, social and economical imparity, injustice, crimes and many more.

The government will try to alleviate poverty and increase the rate of literacy in every walk of life. there will be ample space creating job opportunities to utilize the youth power of the nation. As the youth population covers almost 75 percent of total population of the country.

Along with the government sector opportunities private sector will also be promoted where there will be copious chances to bring the nation on the developed fore and engaging the huge man power that rubbishes into nothing as government sector does not have the capacity alone to do this all. Wherever necessary the government and private sector will cooperate and coordinate each other with motive to develop the country and bring all possible smiles on the faces of the countrymen.

The various functionaries will be established to ensure social and economical imparities. The slogan of equality, liberty and fraternity will become a reality. Every citizen will be treated equal in front of the laws and will have the right to dwell and earn any where in the country and will be able to live in the fearless, free and secure social surrounding.

There will also be the strict governance to vigil all sorts of communal issues. The majority will not be allowed to harm any way to the minorities. And there will not be promotion of religious feeling by the government rather every individual will have the freedom to choose the faith and language according to his own choice. Any group forcing such feeling to other group will be punishable by law.

I want a country where there is no jealousy to each other of any sort. I want that one person should respect the another’s individual existence.

And as human being one should extend all possible support to other in the need. There should be proper balance between man and his surrounding including nature. There should be symphony in man, animal, plants and all natural phenomenon.

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