Sunday, July 21, 2013


The recent happening in Bihar and Chhatisgarh adds to the factor that the whatever high slogans they can make but the reality is that the basic education in UP is to the worst of its level. This is shocking and surprising that where local, national and international functiionaries are spiting millions of dollors but the outcome is really very sadful. The MDM and SSA and many more projects are getting introduced but of no use.Its better not to go school than to be neglected, abused and maltreated. Morever lifestaking situations like eating pesticide in MDM and slum surrounding. The officers focus more on the filling pockets than to improve educational conditions. Its not that there is shortage of funds. If there is any shortage of fund,,that is because the voracious and ravenous leaders and officers sitting in easy armchair in AC". If they make visit to schools it is not for supervision or reformation but to extract money somehow and someway. The teachers are used to of this practice or they too have political access or local dadagiri.
The main guilty is those who plan and execute the rules.The UP Public must understand this and retaliate in the same coin to whatever government neglects like that.
Imagine how the little buds are being nipped in the tender age.How can the child compete to the children studying in private schools.
its time to vow to do all are best in the interest of nation. we must raise voice against all malpractice prevailing. Education is the foundation brick of a huge flourishing nation. where education gets clamped in political rigours , the future of the nation gets absolutely dismayed into utter darkness.its education that enables a man to become active member of the society and of the nation. the nation lacking the true spirit of education and stepping with flow of the fast changing time,,drowns into nothingness.
its great urge and apeal to all my dear citizen and countrymen to drive away all pollutants so our country may become 100% literate and every individual may contribute to the best of his level in the development of the country.

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