Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Man and Machine-Reciprocation and interdependancy

Since the dawn of human race on the planet, The man has strived to unravel the mysteries of Nature-his surroundings. In the pursuit of it he has to confront and struggle with numerous challenges through ages. Many of them staked their life in the raging waves, scorching sun, frownig tornados, disastrous drought and flood and heart tearing extreme chilliness. Despite all these hostile and demonous side the Nature tutored them lessons how to cope up with there havocs. The men became instrumental and mechanic and unveiled the era of discoveries and inventions.
The satisfy the fire of stomach they shifted from raw flesh and fruits to sophiscated and synthetic foods hugely available at dhabas to hotels, from natural river and pond water to filtered and mireral water, from skin of plants and animals to synthetic fabricated cotton terricots, wool, silk etc, from the tree branches and caves to skycrappers, from barefoot roaming to aeroplanes, satelite launchers and mammoth titanic ships, from rounded and pointed stone weapons to nuclear bombs and missiles.Its no exxageration to quote that,"What we imagine today lies somewhere in the womb of future, as imagination has itself its limitation than the probabilities in the universe."
These all were the byproduct of natural instinct of surpassing all the barricades in the way of his dominace over other creatures and to quench unfathomable desires of his own as well to sustain his life more comfortable.This is the untiring endeavour of humanity which has proved his supremacy and worth.
Today we are in close grip of machines and even the tinniest of our activities are being governed by machine. We depend more over machine. We bathe, brush teeth, put on cloth, live in beautiful flats,comb hairs which are machinary byproducts. Morver in life's fast horse race with prolonged activities from home to office none has fraction of time to spare. This has resulted in invention of mobile phones, bikes and cars and computers and internet. Someone has rightly said that," Once it took millions of years to change the life's scenario while today it changes every second." This has generated the horror in today's mind of "What will be the culmination of this uninterrupted advancement."
As the breath values for living so has become these machines where life seems dull without them. It is not merely the symbol of strata in society but amid the fundamental requirment of human beings which are limited only to roti, kapada and makan.One's life seems withholding if he has missed or forgotten the cellphone at home.One seems stifling if his car got puctured in the way. One wanders in whole of the city in cylinder gas shortage.
Every sphere of human activity like education, culture, administration, agruculture, science and technology, politics, medicine and research has been mechanised.
Alhough we can't deny the machine's role over human beings yet one thing is still unanimously accepted that the human brain behind it is decisive and dominant factor. Firstly machine is manufactured by man himself and secondly machine requires to be operated by man which justifies the man has still its place and worth.
But both of them are complementary to each other. Man makes and operates machine whereas latter makes the task easier and faster. It saves both energy and time.

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